OSDC 2011: Wii Homebrew: Running and writing software for the Wii

I spoke at the OSDC 2011 in Canberra, Australia. The talk was about writing and using homebrew software on the Wii. I got some great feedback after the talk, and was happy to see so many people interested in the idea. I was also pleased to see how many people already have a modded Wii. Hopefully I was able to give a few people some tips.

Video of Presentation

Presentation Software

Part of my¬†preparation¬†for the talk was to hack together some presentation software to run on the Wii. This allowed me to give the actual presentation on the Wii. I called it Priijector (because every piece of software for the Wii has to have a double ii somewhere). For the fun of it, I’ve put it up on github under a BSD licence. It will read a pres.txt file in a custom (and hacky) markup to define slides and transitions.

You can get the code from github under the Apache 2.0 license.

Slides used in Presentation

Please click the image below to download the PDF of the presentation (3mb). The quality is a little poor, because I had to take screenshots of each slide from within the Dolphin emulator at a resolution of 640×480.

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