2010: Attribute Oriented Programming in PHP

The advice in this presentation is very outdated. Almost all modern PHP frameworks make heavy use of attributes, and do so in a much safer and more practical way than this presentation.

This is the second talk I did at a conference, for 2010 in Wellington, NZ. The whole conference was really awesome, great people, great talks, great vibe. My talk was not in the main conference, but rather the Open Programming Languages miniconf held on the Monday. The concept I am talking about is Attribute Oriented Programming in PHP. This is the process of using attributes in your code comments to affect the runtime execution of your code, which is really cool for things such as automated logging, unit testing, or runtime ACLs. I’ll wrap up by sending my thanks to Christopher Neugebauer for organising the miniconf.

Video of Presentation #

The video is a little grainy, so make sure you check out the slides as well (see below). You can download the video here, as well view all the other great talks from the conference.

Slides used in Presentation #

Please click the image below to view the presentation in your browser (just simple HTML slides). They didn’t make for great presenting, but they are a good resource to read through in order to understand AOP in PHP.

Screenshot of introduction slide