Let the community decide the next retro game

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Let the community decide #

The retrowars project began with me implementing the games I was personally most interested in seeing: clones of Asteroids, Missile Command, Tetris, and Snake. Once these were completed, I had no preference over what to implement next (though I’m very keen to keep adding games!).

To encourage those in the community to participate and perhaps even grow a little community, the game includes a built-in link for “More games”.

Retrowars game select screen, including option of 'more soon'

Retrowars screen explaining how to vote for a new game to be made

This directs the player to a GitHub link where they can view proposed games, and vote for the game they would like to see next.

GitHub issue page listing proposed games

Furthermore, people are encouraged to recommend their own favourite game to be implemented by submitting a New Game Proposal for others to vote on.

GitHub issue templates, including option to propose a new game

Next game: Tempest #

Now is the time where I am available to begin contributing a new game to retrowars. At the time I decide this, Tempest was the game which had the most votes (even though that is no longer the case).

The next post will go over what is required to get an initial skeleton of the game up and running. Following that, subsequent posts will document the journey to getting a working version of Tempest into retrowars.