PhD confirmation seminar

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If this is of interest to you, it is worth noting this is not the topic of my final PhD. That pivoted quite substantially between this presentation and the final thesis in 2016.

During July of 2011, I presented to the confirmation panel at Monash. This is mandatory for PhD students at the one year mark in their research. The goal is to present the current status of the project, and where it aims to go. The panel then decides whether or not you should revise what you are doing, and whether you can keep your scholarship and continue researching. Needless to say it is a little bit nerve racking, but it ended up going quite well. I’d like to thank my supervisors Grace Rumantir and Frada Burstein for their feedback on numerous revisions of my proposal, as well as the confirmation panel for the feedback they gave me after the presentation.

Proposal Document #

Download the PDF of the proposal for which this confirmation presentation is based.

Video of presentation #

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Slides used in Presentation #

Please click the image below to view the presentation in your browser (~2.5mb, doesn’t seem to work in Internet Explorer).

Screenshot from slides showing a flowchart of a potential model to simulate scenarios