Tempest: Basic 3D

software-dev, retrowars, tempest

Prior to adding enemies, I thought it best to get a working proof of concept third dimension for Tempest.

Allowing for perspective #

This was mostly fine, except for the minor hiccup that retrowars assumes all games want an OrthographicCamera.

I’m not very happy with my solution of passing in a flag if you want perspective, and will likely refactor that later, but for now it works well. Here is a discussion on why flag arguments are normally not the solution to a problem you face.

Here are the results:

Offsetting the perspective #

After patting myself on the back about how it mostly looked like the YouTube videos of original Tempest, I quickly noticed that the perspective in the original game is actually offset a little. The camera doesn’t look directly down the centre of the level, but starts a bit below centre.

After accounting for this by translating the camera in my version down slightly, it really is starting to shape up nicely.

Screenshot of work in progress perspective in Tempest

Screenshot of work in progress perspective in Tempest

Next steps #

Next I will tighten up some of the measurements (currently the depth is just arbitrarily chosen as a fixed value). After that, I think shooting from the players current position, then the addition of enemies.