OSDC 2011: Wii Homebrew: Running and writing software for the Wii

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I spoke at the OSDC 2011 in Canberra, Australia. The talk was about writing and using homebrew software on the Wii. I got some great feedback after the talk, and was happy to see so many people interested in the idea. I was also pleased to see how many people already have a modded Wii. Hopefully I was able to give a few people some tips.

Video of Presentation #

YouTube link

Presentation Software #

Part of my preparation for the talk was to hack together some presentation software to run on the Wii. This allowed me to give the actual presentation on the Wii. I called it Priijector (because every piece of software for the Wii has to have a double ii somewhere, and everything homebrew related has to include a pun). It will read a pres.txt file in a custom (and hacky) markup to define slides and transitions.

You can get the code from GitHub (GPLv3 license).

Slides used in Presentation #

Please click the image below to download the PDF of the presentation (3mb). The quality is a little poor, because I had to take screenshots of each slide from within the Dolphin emulator at a resolution of 640×480.

Screenshot from slide deck showing icons of various exploits