Make your writing beautiful

This is a seminar I gave to fellow research students about some things you should consider when writing articles, to make them look visually beautiful. It was given for the … Continue Reading →

Home made MAME table

OSDC 2012: Building a Free(ish) MAME Cabinet

This year I again attended the Open Source Developers Conference. The talk I gave was another light hearted one, this time about building a MAME Cabinet using reclaimed rubbish. A huge … Continue Reading →

Slides from presentation

linux.conf.au 2012: Finding vulnerabilities in PHP code

This is a talk given at the Open Programming Miniconf at linux.conf.au 2012 in Ballarat, Vic. It is about analysing code without actually executing it, in order to identify possible … Continue Reading →


OSDC 2011: Wii Homebrew: Running and writing software for the Wii

I spoke at the OSDC 2011 in Canberra, Australia. The talk was about writing and using homebrew software on the Wii. I got some great feedback after the talk, and … Continue Reading →


PhD Confirmation Seminar

During July of 2011, I presented to the confirmation panel at Monash. This is mandatory for PhD students at the one year mark in their research. The goal is to … Continue Reading →

Screenshot from talk

ISCRAM 2011: PhD Colloquium

At ISCRAM 2011, Tung Bui organised the PhD Colloquium which I (in addition to several other students) attended. The talk outlining the focus of my PhD (at the time of … Continue Reading →

Slide from the presentation

ISCRAM 2011: Predicting Patient Rates

Below you will find my presentation at ISCRAM 2011, entitled “Predicting Patient Presentation Rates at Mass Gatherings using Machine Learning”. It was for an article co-authored by Paul Arbon, Grace … Continue Reading →


OSDC 2010: Bad Visualisation

I was lucky enough to be accepted to talk at OSDC 2010, which was a well organised conference of like minded Open Source developers and enthusiasts in Melbourne. My talk … Continue Reading →


linux.conf.au 2010: Attribute Oriented Programming in PHP

This is the second talk I did at a conference, for linux.conf.au 2010 in Wellington, NZ. The whole conference was really awesome, great people, great talks, great vibe. My talk … Continue Reading →